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Oh Hai

This page is still sort of under construction. Seriously, I'm going to get this figured out, I promise. There's going to be custom boxes and journal skins and art and characters everywhere. It's going to be pretty rad.

In the meantime, let me learn you a few things about me.

90% of what I do somehow involves my OCs. This does not only refer to my art, but also how I think, act, and live my life. It's an addiction.
The other 10% of what I do is musical theater.
I really want to talk to you. Please talk to me.
Reddit 'n stuff.
I love to role play.
You are either going to love or hate my political ideals.
I have more opinions than characters.
I'm always sick.
It's really cold in Wisconsin.
If you don't want me to swear, you have to clearly specify that.
Kenai Peninsula Wolves are extinct.
Please talk to me.

Human Characters

My human characters are more commonly used than any other group, half because I have a hard time finding good animal role players and half because I love my humans so much.

A red bullet in front of a characters name means I have not started their profile. A black one means it's a work in progress, and a green one means it's finished. All profiles, even finished ones, are subject to change as I get new ideas and change my preferences.

Ravenscape High School
All of my teenage characters actually go to the same school, though I transport them other places on a case-by-case basis.
:bulletblack:Anya Arilson - Female human [link]
:bulletblack:Amy Vitali - Female human [link]
:bulletblack:Cassie MacFarlane - Female human [link]
:bulletblack:Isabella Luna - Female human [link]
:bulletblack:Mia Luna - Female human [link]
:bulletblack:Mosa Callahan - Female human [link]
:bulletblack:Safena Colson - Female human [link]
:bulletblack:Stella Misshitsu - Female human [link]
:bulletblack:Willow Wolffe - Female human [link]

Other Normal Humans
:bulletblack:Atlanta Upton - Female human [link]
:bulletblack:Sahana Kruger - Female human [link]
:bulletblack:Sienna Pyne - Female Human [link]
:bulletblack:Taylor Gaulding - Female Human [link]

Humanoid/Mythical Setting
:bulletblack:Ava Phillips - Female Shape shifter [link]
:bulletblack:Blaire Taylor - Female human/shape shifter [link]
:bulletblack:Charlotte Cosac - Female warlock/human [link]
:bulletblack:Claire Cicero - Female human [link]
:bulletblack:Taissa Haeussinger - Female human [Only for Zombie RPs] [link]
:bulletblack:Tegan Wainright - Female witch [link]

Canine Characters

Unless I am mistaken, I believe I have more canine characters than any other species. My character Mia is my oldest character who has not changed their name. I do not have many wolf characters, which is intentional, as I thought they were overdone. I now have enough characters that a wolf here and there doesn't mean anything, but I try to use them sparingly. Nothing against people who like wolves or have a ton of wolf characters, I actually love them too, I can just be anti-fad.

A red bullet in front of a characters name means I have not started their profile. A black one means it's a work in progress, and a green one means it's finished. All profiles, even finished ones, are subject to change as I get new ideas and change my preferences.

:bulletblack:Ascella - Female Culpeo [link]
:bulletblack:Baridi - Female Mexican Wolf [link]
:bulletblack:Maarufu - Male African wild dog [link]
:bulletblack:Mbawa - Female African wild dog [link]
:bulletblack:Mbili - Female Dingo [link]
:bulletred:Mkali - Female Culpeo [link]
:bulletblack:Moja - Female Dingo [link]
:bulletblack:Nayeli - Female Iberian wolf [link]
:bulletblack:Suniti - Female Iberian wolf [link]

Mythical/In A Mythical Setting
:bulletblack:Baby - Female Mackenzie Valley wolf [link]
:bulletblack:Cartel - Male Hallow Hound [link]
:bulletred:In'suta - Female elemental wolf [link]
:bulletblack:Inquanari - Female dire wolf [link]
:bulletblack:Moesakaru Hi - Male elemental wolf [link]
:bulletred:Neralu - Female elemental wolf [link]
:bulletblack:October - Female Hallow Hound [link]
:bulletred:Olive - Female Hallow Hound [link]
:bulletblack:Parivala - Female cavern hound [link]
:bulletblack:Sahel - Female Lind-Roa [link]
:bulletblack:Socahtoa - Female adlet [link]
:bulletred:Tarasota - Female adlet [link]

General Males
:bulletblack:Alto - Male maned wolf [link]

General Females
:bulletblack:Acalatā - Female Jackal [link]
:bulletblack:Aisha - Female red fox/coyote/something else mix [link]
:bulletblack:Akuhei - Female Raccoon Dog [link]
:bulletblack:Allegra - Female gray fox [link]
:bulletblack:Aspasia - Female Ethiopian wolf [link]
:bulletblack:Audacity - Female dog [link]
:bulletblack:Bohari - Female Bat Eared Fox [link]
:bulletblack:Brass - Female red fox [link]
:bulletblack:Dohani - Female Fennec Fox [link]
:bulletred:Easter - Female dhole [link]
:bulletblack:Engclaire - Female coyote [link]
:bulletred:Eve - Female fennec fox [link]
:bulletblack:Eyla - Female Shiba Inu [link]
:bulletred:Fantaisa - Female malamute [link]
:bulletblack:Fleurette - Female Eurasian wolf [link]
:bulletblack:Haneru - Female cape fox [link]
:bulletblack:Isabella - Female Irish Setter-Wolf cross [link]
:bulletred:Ivy - Female greyhound [link]
:bulletred:Kelabu - Female dingo [link]
:bulletred:Khitryy - Female corsac fox [link]
:bulletred:Klarbrunn - Female coyote [link]
:bulletred:Kutana - Female Sechuran Fox [link]
:bulletred:Lâmina - Female Short-Eared Dog [link]
:bulletred:Lapili - Female husky mix [link]
:bulletblack:Logan - Female mastiff mix [link]
:bulletblack:Lunete - Female steppe wolf [link]
:bulletred:Mandhari - Female Hyena [link]
:bulletred:Marcella - Female gray fox [link]
:bulletred:Mavi - Female South American Gray Fox [link]
:bulletblack:Mezurasi - Female swift fox [link]
:bulletblack:Mia - Female Irish Setter-Wolf cross [link]
:bulletred:Minke - Female Labrador Wolf [link]
:bulletblack:Misshitsu - Female fox [link]
:bulletred:Niveha - Female Arabian wolf [link]
:bulletred:Ndita - Female aardwolf [link]
:bulletred:Rahita - Female Blandford's Fox [link]
:bulletred:Rhode - Female gray wolf [link]
:bulletred:Sabela - Female tundra wolf [link]
:bulletred:Saffron - Female timber wolf [link]
:bulletred:Socola - Female Darwin's fox [link]
:bulletred:Soliloquy - Female dhole [link]
:bulletred:Stille - Female German Shepherd [link]
:bulletred:Tamas'su - Female Bush Dog [link]
:bulletblack:Vanilla - Female Australian Shepherd mix [link]
:bulletred:Winona - Female Tibetan wolf [link]

Feline Characters

Though I believe I currently have more canine characters, I generally prefer felines to canines. [At least in art and character development. In real life, I am not a dog person or a cat person. Just neutral.] The feline-only Tryad Peninsula was the first part of my fictional world, Echyria and is home to some of my favorite characters.

A red bullet in front of a characters name means I have not started their profile. A black one means it's a work in progress, and a green one means it's finished. All profiles, even finished ones, are subject to change as I get new ideas and change my preferences.

The Fursona Family
:bulletblack:Alaina - Female mountain lion/caracal cross [link]
:bulletblack:Archer - Male mountain lion [link]
:bulletblack:Lacrymosa - Female caracal [link]
:bulletred:Trenton - Male mountain lion/caracal cross [link]

:bulletblack:Aelin - Female cat [link]
:bulletblack:Alma - Female snow leopard [link]
:bulletblack:Arcadia - Female snow leopard [link]
:bulletblack:Cicero - Female serval [link]
:bulletblack:Hadharani - Female Oncilla [link]
:bulletred:Kiena - Female marbled cat [link]
:bulletblack:Kiraya - Female Ocelot [link]
:bulletblack:Lakira- Female Tiger [link]
:bulletred:Majira - Female African Golden Cat [link]
:bulletblack:Munsain - Male African lion [link]
:bulletred:Nari - Female mountain lion [link]
:bulletblack:Tabiandra - Female hybrid [link]

Mythical/In A Mythical Setting
:bulletblack:Andhera - Female Andean Mountain cat [link]
:bulletred:Kivuli - Male crystinalian [link]
:bulletblack:Rathari - Female saber toothed cat [link]

General Males
:bulletblack:Hatari - Male cheetah [link]

General Females
:bulletblack:Allende - Female cheetah [link]
:bulletblack:Ashoka - Female feline hybrid [link]
:bulletblack:Athari - Female jaguar [link]
:bulletblack:Baingani - Female rusty spotted cat [link]
:bulletblack:Bunseki - Female Iriomote cat [link]
:bulletblack:Evanescent - Female feline hybrid [link]
:bulletblack:Halcya - Female Margay [link]
:bulletblack:Hitaisi - Female Sand Cat [link]
:bulletred:India - Female European wildcat [link]
:bulletred:Kalani - Female Chinese mountain cat [link]
:bulletblack:Kifusi - Female black footed cat [link]
:bulletblack:Kurasha - Female Indian Wild Cat [link]
:bulletblack:Madyson - Female Sumatran tiger [link]
:bulletred:Mataka - Female Leopard [link]
:bulletred:Mencuri - Female Flat Headed Cat [link]
:bulletblack:Misericordia - Female lynx [link]
:bulletblack:Muradā - Female kodkod [link]
:bulletred:Oscura - Female Jaguarundi [link]
:bulletred:Paris - Female lipard [link]
:bulletblack:Pebblefrost - Female cat [link]
:bulletblack:Sahana - Female Asiatic lion [link]
:bulletblack:Sankara - Female African wild cat [link]
:bulletred:Satara - Female Fishing Cat [link]
:bulletred:Saybe - Female clouded leopard [link]
:bulletred:Serrulata - Female leopard cat [link]
:bulletblack:Shui - Female Asiatic golden cat [link]
:bulletred:Suna - Female Jungle Cat [link]
:bulletred:Tahira - Female Geoffroy's Cat [link]
:bulletred:Violet - Female cat [link]
:bulletblack:Visala - Female liger [link]
:bulletblack:Vitali - Female cheetah [link]
:bulletblack:Zap'khulshi - Female Bornean bay cat [link]

Mythical/Other Characters

Just a moshpit of what doesn't fit into the other boxes. Ya'know.

A red bullet in front of a characters name means I have not started their profile. A black one means it's a work in progress, and a green one means it's finished. All profiles, even finished ones, are subject to change as I get new ideas and change my preferences.

:bulletblack:Emarosa - Female gryphon [link]
:bulletred:Huying - Female wingless dragon [link]
:bulletblack:Jitka - Female dilphosaurus [link]
:bulletred:Kautuka - Female zalomust [link]
:bulletred:Sayen - Female Echyrian [link]
:bulletred:Vera - Female zaegand [link]

:bulletblack:Asur - Female spotted linsang [link]
:bulletblack:Auciette - Female quoll [link]
:bulletblack:Mairwen - Female rat [link]
:bulletred:Marcelles - Female mouse [link]
:bulletred:Minguana [Mini] - Female otter [link]
:bulletred:Saunte - Female owl [link]
:bulletred:Svina - Female hare [link]
:bulletred:Valkyrie - Female squirrel [link]

Hooved Animals
:bulletblack:Camelot - Female horse [link]
:bulletred:Cinder - Female horse [link]
:bulletblack:Jetta - Female horse [link]
:bulletred:Georgia - Female horse [link]
:bulletblack:Lyric - Female deer [link]
:bulletred:Morgan - Female horse [link]
:bulletred:Mstari - Female okapi [link]
:bulletred:Nebula - Female horse [link]
:bulletblack:Praise - Female horse [link]
:bulletred:Sa'adat - Female giraffe [link]
:bulletred:Solstice - Female horse [link]
:bulletred:Tazama - Female zebra [link]
:bulletred:Tempest - Female horse [link]

:bulletblack:Aklarka - Female grizzly bear [link]
:bulletblack:Aria - Female raccoon [link]
:bulletblack:Cody - Female kangaroo [link]
:bulletblack:Colette - Female ferret [link]
:bulletblack:Elantra - Female fossa [link]
:bulletred:Inléhain-rah - Female rabbit [link]
:bulletblack:Jiāo Qín Shā [Jinny] - Female red panda [link]
:bulletblack:Romana - Female stoat [link]
:bulletred:Threar-roo - Female rabbit [link]


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I'm making a second fursona. What species should she be? 

2 deviants said Canine
1 deviant said Feline
1 deviant said Bear
1 deviant said Rat
1 deviant said Other
No deviants said Bird

Art To-Do List

For Me
Custom Boxes :star-half: [Working on line art/color]
Detailed References :star-half: [2/180]
Birthday Sketch Sheets :star-empty:
Plan Comic :star-empty:
Redo Charlotte Drawing :star-empty:
Snake/Flute thing :star-empty:
Characters with scars :star-empty:
Old Warriors characters :star-empty:
Revolutionists :star-empty:
Settings sheets :star-empty:
Human character height chart :star-half:
Huge set of adoptables :star-empty:
Christine :star-half:
Line/color Cicero sketch :star-half:
Sahel and Aisha :star-half:
Taissa and Violet :star-half:
Truck Work :star-half:

For Others
Rocky Horror drawing :star-empty:
Birthday drawings for parents :star-empty:
Jodo :star-half:


Character Designs
Audacity Reference by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Marcalles Reference by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Huying Reference by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Tazama Reference by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Pebblefrost by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Haven by Lacrymosa-Caracal
I will design an animal character to your specifications. Line art will either be a clean sketch [top three] or actual lines [bottom three]. Which one I do will be up to you, it will bot impact the price. Examples are of characters I have designed for myself.

One design costs 100 points or $1. Note me if you would like to pay in cash or would like a set of more than one.
Alm Commission 4/4 by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Alm Commission 3/4 by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Alm Commission 2/4 by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Alm Commission 1/4 by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Icon drawn to a scale of 50x50, 100x100, 200x200, 300x300, 400x400, or 500x500. Flat colors, cell shading, or painterly shading. Simple/gradient background. Only headshots/busts.

150 points or $1.50. Note me to pay in cash.
Colored Sketches
Aklarka Reference by Lacrymosa-Caracal
October Reference by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Lacrymosa and Archer Double Reference by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Cleaned up sketch with color.

100 points or $1. Note me if you want something other than a full body, or if you want to pay in cash.
Sketch Dump
Character Birthday Catch Up by Lacrymosa-Caracal
An assortment of colored sketches of you character(s.) Headshots, busts, and full body are all fair game.

300 points or $3 dollars will get you the equivalent of three full bodies. A bust is equivalent to half a full body and a headshot is equivalent to a third of one. Note me if you'd prefer to pay in cash.
Flat Colors
Misericordia Reference by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Paris Reference by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Clean line art with flat colors. Lines may be black or colored. With or without shaded eyes.

200 points or $2. Note me to pay in cash or if you want something other than full body.
Cell or Painterly Shading
MeinKat Commission by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Ravine and Aisha by Lacrymosa-Caracal
War Games by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Anya and her Rats by Lacrymosa-Caracal
The Open Sea by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Clean line art with cell or painterly shading.

300 points or $3. Note me for something other than full body or to add a background.
Paintings [Animal]
Lakira by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Munsain Painting by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Painted bust/headshot of an animal character. Simple background.

800 points or $8. Note me for full body, complex background, or to pay in cash.
Paintings [Human]
Safena Colson by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Taylor Gaulding by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Ava Phillips by Lacrymosa-Caracal
Headshot painting of a human character. Busts/full body are not available.

1000 points or $10. Note me to pay in cash.


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Thanks a lot for the fave :D
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No problem. c: Great tutorial. As an occasional artist of humans that really doesn't know how to draw humans, it's going to be very helpful. c:
jakobdam Feb 23, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Uh - and thanks a lot for the watch, too! :D I hope my future tutorials will also be of relevance and help to you! :D
Chaotic--Edge Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

Here you go c: Sorry again about the wait :(
BlackWolfTala Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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I also like caracals.

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